webee manufactures responsibly, taking into account the environmental impact of eyewear and its packaging.

Sustainable materials

All the materials used to make webee eyewear are eco-friendly.

The frame

The frame is made of recycled acrylic, which has considerable advantages over traditional cellulose acetate. It is pleasant to the touch, extremely comfortable, lighter, recyclable and free from phthalates and solvents. It does not need to be varnished and the production process saves about 15% energy.

The lenses

The demo lens is made of recycled material, it is recyclable and biodegradable. The lenses in the sunglasses are recyclable.


Our packaging is made of cellulose from cultivated and pesticide-controlled forests. It is recyclable and biodegradable


The printing ink is water-based with no chemicals.


The case is made from PET (plastic bottles) and is recyclable. The logo is heat printed to avoid the use of ink. The wiping cloth is recyclable.

Eco-friendly webee production

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