Can a single pair of eyeglasses change the world?

No, but it can help.
WEBEE aims to communicate, associate and facilitate the expression of people who change the world with their lifestyle, consumption habits and experiences.

Why bee?

There are more than 20,000 species of bees in the world.
Bees aren’t just fascinating, they’re also useful. Some of them produce honey. But the most important aspect is that all bee species are untiring and irreplaceable pollinators

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they pollinate 90% of flora

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they pollinate 80% of crops

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they pollinate 35% of our foods, one out of three bites of our diet

Pollination ensures the preservation of plant biodiversity and survival

of terrestrial ecosystems.

Circular economy

Bees are an extraordinary positive force that create value. To live and thrive, they bring life and prosperity.
They create while not destroying anything.

Turning point:

extinction of the species

Yet in recent decades, because of intensive farming, pesticides, pollution, overpopulation, urban growth, and habitat destruction, half of all species are in decline.
One in four is threatened with extinction.

A looming scenario

If bees disappear, the world as we know it will disappear too.
It will trigger a knock-on effect that alters the food chain with devastating effects on the environmental balance.

WE live
if the BEE lives.

The relationship of humans with bees is vital.

Take action

All of us are responsible for the problem.

WEBEE’s reason for existence is to help protect and improve the well-being of bees  through the sale of sunglasses and eyeglasses.

That’s why WEBEE allocates 10% of its sales to finance actions that support the preservation of bees.

To select the projects to be funded, WEBEE relies on a Scientific Panel of three experts working in international organizations dedicated to the protection and preservation of bees.

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